RSDPhotography Colors Of Mexico

About RSD

Russ Dix and his wife Shelley have been living full time on Mexico’s Pacific Coast since 2010. Prior to that relocation, he was owner/creative director of a small regional marketing agency based in Yakima, Washington for 20 years. One of his duties during that time was coordinating, and later executing, client photography. He learned the techniques necessary to satisfy often demanding clients, but yearned for the freedom to “shoot what he wanted”. He was able to realize that dream with the move to Mexico.

Russ’ first trip to Mexico was his honeymoon in 1989. He and Shelley returned more than a dozen times to this magical country in the intervening years. During these trips Russ amassed a collection of images, initially on film and later digitally, that further inspired both of them to consider full-time living in this enchanting foreign culture.

Zihuatanajo is now home base, but they explore Mexico at every possible opportunity. Mexico City, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Morelia, Pátzcuaro, and countless smaller villages have been checked off the list so far. The most memorable images from these locations are presented on this website. Russ also maintains a daily photo blog of his adventures in Mexico.

Many of these photographs are available as enlargements for continued viewing pleasure. Please email Russ directly at: for pricing and delivery information.